Forbidden Territory

Forbidden Territory by Paula Graves

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Paula Graves

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Intrigue / Mystery / Suspense

by Paula Graves
Harlequin Intrigue #926
June 2006
ISBN #0373229267
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

Walking away wasn't an option...

"Help me!"

For Lily Browning, there was no escaping the visions that had haunted her all her life. And now a little girl's desperate cry for help had brought enigmatic, disturbingly masculine Lieutenant McBride to her door. . .

McBride didn't have time for psychics. He had a kidnapper to catch. But the honey-haired woman with the golden eyes seemed to see things no one else could ? including his own tragic secret. With a child's life at stake, he had to trust Lily. . .even as each step plunged them deeper into danger and into the uncharted territory of irresistible desire. . .

This book has just the right touch when it comes to seeing both sides of the coin. If you believe in psychics or not, with Forbidden Territory you can see it from both Lily and McBride's point of view. The way Ms. Graves pulled all of these characters together is one that shouldn't be missed.


"You actually saw her?"

    Lily nodded slowly. "She was crying. And she was afraid."
    "Can you see her now?"
    Her quick, deep breath sounded like a gasp. "No." She lurched from the chair and stumbled against the coffee table.
    McBride's heart jumped to hyperspeed as he hurried to Lily's side. He caught her elbow. "Are you okay?"
    Her head lolled forward, her forehead brushing against his shoulder.
    He wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her up. Her slim body melted against his, robbing him of thought for a long, pulsing moment. She was as soft as she looked and furnace hot, except for the icy fingers clutching his arm. Her head fell back and she gazed at him, her eyes molten.
    Desire coursed through him, sharp and unwelcome.

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