Forgotten Vows

Forgotten Vows by Modean Moon

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Modean Moon

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by Modean Moon
Silhouette Desire
ISBN #0-373-05995-7
$3.50 U.S. / $3.99 Can.

A Runaway Bride?

Jennifer couldn't remember the man she'd married only months ago, or the circumstances that had separated them on their wedding night. Edward Carlton claimed they were legally wed, but her amnesia had caused the man she'd once vowed to love become a stranger.

Edward thought that Jennie had abandoned him, but once she was in his arms she knew she would never have left willingly. And as a web of deceit tightened around her, Jennie realized that learning the truth about her past could be very dangerous indeed.


    "Do I know you?" Jennie asked.
    Did she? Had she ever really known him?
    "Once . . ." Edward said, swallowing back every angry word he'd ever wanted to hurl at her, gentling his voice as he gentled his words.
    She tightened her hand on his. "Before?"
    "Yes," he said, knowing instinctively that she meant before whatever had brought her to Avalon.
    Tears trembled on her lashes, and her soft lower lip quivered slightly. "Who are you?" she asked, grasping his arm. "Who am I?"
    Edward covered her hand with his. How could he tell her she was his wife and that he desperately wanted her back?

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