Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion by Dawn Atkins

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Dawn Atkins

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Office Romance

by Dawn Atkins
ISBN #0-373-79097-X
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.

Sex and happily ever after

Kara Collier just can't separate sex and serious relationships. What she needs is a lesson in the pleasures of sex without promises of forever. And who better to teach her than her commitment-shy - and hot - best friend, Ross Gabriel. Problem is, they know too much about each other to actually hit the sheets. Until the night he shows up dressed like a stranger, that is. Soon Kara's enjoying the hottest sex she's ever had . . . without a single thought of "I do!"

What started out as a favor for his best friend has suddenly become something much more. Ross doesn't want to admit his feeling for Kara, though - it might mean changing his freedom-loving ways. But when other guys start showing an interest in Kara, Ross can't hide his thoughts anymore. Now he had to persuade Kara that this seductive friendship can go the distance and that his feelings are very real . . .


"May I join you, senorita?"

An accented voice whispered close to Kara's ear.
    She glanced at the man, then did a double take. "Ross? What are you doing -?"
    "I do not know this Ross person. My name is Miguel. I am a stranger here in your city and I am, sadly, alone."
    "You're what?" She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Ross had smoothed back his hair, bought a stylish suit and now was pretending not to know her. He looked so hot, so sexy, and he wasn't teasing.
    "How is it that a woman so beautiful is alone on such a night as this?"
    "I was waiting," she said, then paused for effect. "For you."
    She almost laughed at the B-movie line, but then Ross - Miguel - looked into her eyes and said, "I'm so happy."
    At that, she did the most amazing thing. She took him by the lapels, pulled him close and planted her lips on him. He made a sound low in his throat and kissed her back, a hot, steamy kiss.
    She broke off the kiss and gasped, "Is there somewhere we could go?"

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