Heaven Scent / Shotgun Nanny

Heaven Scent / Shotgun Nanny by Jacqueline Diamond / Nancy Warren

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Single Parent

by Jacqueline Diamond, Nancy Warren
Harlequin Duets
ISBN #0-373-44144-4
$4.99 U.S.
2 Bks in 1 edition.

Heaven Scent by Jacqueline Diamond

Life smells sweet in Skunk's Crossing, Texas!
The last thing Dr. Nancy Verano wants to do for the summer is be a nanny in Texas! When she finds herself on Max Richter's musty ranch with a bunch of cowboys, she knows there's no turning back. Besides, how hard can it be to take care of a couple of kids? She's a child psychologist, for goodness' sake! But no amount of school ever prepared her for her sexy boss!

Shotgun Nanny by Nancy Warren

Where was the whoopee cushion when you needed one?
Annie Parker doesn't believe in taking life too seriously; she is, after all, a clown by profession. Her motto is "Have fun, make 'em laugh and move on," That applies to her love life, too. So why does superserious ex-Mountie and bachelor "dad" Mark Saunders get her heart racing, while his shy niece gets aching? Any why on earth does she agree to be their temporary nanny?

Jacqueline Diamond was nice enough to send We Really Dig Romance Novels this book so we could do a review. Heaven Scent will definitely have you smiling even as you shudder at the thought of skunk 'scent'


    "What town?"
    "I forget the name. It involves some kind of animal," her sister said. " I think it starts with an S."
    "Snakes? This town has so many snakes it's named after them?" Nancy groaned.
    "Not snakes, skunks!" said Hayley "It's called Skunk Crossing."
    "That's no better."
    "I'm sure they're all deodorized," she said. "Almost sure."

Excerpt from Heaven Scent by Jacqueline Diamond

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