How to Be the Perfect Girlfriend

How to Be the Perfect Girlfriend by Heather MacAllister

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Bachelor Auction

by Heather MacAllister
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN #0373691599
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.

How far would you go to land the perfect man?

Payroll assistant Sara Lipton is tired of coasting through relationships. She has to figure out whether to live her life fabulously married or contentedly single. But before she decides, she has to know how to attract the perfect man. And VP Simon Northrup is definitely perfect. Even thought he might be out of her league, he's still the right guy to "practice" on...

Simon has never met a woman like Sara. One minute she's an engaging innocent, the next a sassy sex goddess?he just never knows what to expect from her. What he does know is that he wants to get to know her better?much better. And after Sara seduces him senseless, Simon realizes she's the woman for him. Too bad he doesn't know that for Sara this is just a trial run...



    Simon didn't let go of her arm, though his business associates were waiting for him. They'd already staked out a table in the bar, and were looking at Simon questioningly.
    "I - I don't know . . ." Sarah mumbles.
    "Please." His voice was low, with a husky catch at the end. Or maybe that was desperation. All Simon knew was that he needed to be with her just now. He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt that way.
    She was so . . . something. Simon found himself terribly attached to her in this incarnation. She was hot. Totally hot. Look-at-me-hot. And Simon looked. He couldn't stop looking.
    What he needed to do was pay attention to the potential clients. Negotiations had reached a delicate stage at which the slightest thing could make them go either way. Simon had already lost two accounts this week. Loosing this one after all the time they'd invested would be no good for the bottom link.
    Still, his eyes glued on Sarah, all he could think about was that directly above them were floors filled with many, many beds.
    And he needed only one.

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