I Married A Prince

I Married A Prince by Kathryn Jensen

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Kathryn Jensen

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by Kathryn Jensen
Silhouette #1115
November 2000
ISBN #0-373-76115-5
$3.50 U.S. / $3.99 Can.

Secret baby heir to a throne!

How could a small-town librarian with her nose in books - not the tabloids - know that the man she'd fallen for years ago was literally a prince? Or that their love child was heir to a royal throne? All Allison knew was that his seductive charm had turned her from a girl into a woman...

Temporary Princess

Unable to forget her, Jacob returned for one last taste of Allison's sweet lips. When he discovered his son, he proposed a temporary marriage of convenience to save his family from scandal. By law, Jacob was not allowed to marry a "commoner." But he was determined to bend the rules and make Allison a permanent princess by Christmas. . .

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