Intimate Stranger

Intimate Stranger by Donna Sterling

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Donna Sterling

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Mistaken / Switched Identity

by Donna Sterling
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN #0-373-25903-4
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

She could never tell him . . .

Jennifer was breaking all the rules by getting intimately involved with Trev Montgomery. But he was so handsome, so sexy . . . and he'd been her husband for one brief shining moment seven years ago. She fooled herself that one last night together wouldn't hurt.

He had to know

Trev would have known her anywhere. This was his Diana - his wife! But now she called herself Jennifer . . . and told him she was a "working girl." He had no choice but to pay for the truth.

But would the shocking news set him free?


She was no prostitute . . .
    Even with the hat concealing her hair, and the sunglasses hiding much of her face, and the red lipstick looking dramatic and foreign to her lips, she appeared to him on a bone-deep level.
    Trev's continued regard brought a flush to her face, and she turned her head. "The weather's taken quite a turn," she finally remarked. "It's too warm."
    "We can roll up the windows and turn on the -" Trev's words broke off and he did a quick double take. She'd shrugged free of her blazer . . . and she wore no bra.
    She settled back onto the seat, smoothed the transparent folds of her dress over her long, lean thighs while her rosy dark nipples strained against the delicate fabric.
   The car swerved and veered onto the grassy shoulder. "Why the hell are you dressed like that!" She was naked under that dress!
    "What's wrong?" she teased. "Afraid people might think you're with a naughty girl?"

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