It Takes A Cowboy

It Takes A Cowboy by Gina Wilkins

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Gina Wilkins

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Bachelor Auction

Gina Wilkins
November 1999
ISBN #0-373-82589-7
$4.50 U.S. / $4.99 Can.
Series - Heart of the West

Every man has his price!
Lost springs Ranch was famous for turning young mavericks into good men. So word that the ranch was in financial trouble sent a heard of loyal bachelors stampeding back to Wyoming to put themselves on the auction block!

NAME: Scott McKay
AGE: 33
OCCUPATION: Gentleman rancher
IN FIVE WORDS: Restless, Impulsive, Adventurous, Generous, Honest-to-a-fault
BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT: Surviving daring adventures
WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU: Mountain climbing in Nepal, or surfing in Australia, or deep-sea diving in the Caribbean, or...
IDEAL WOMAN: A girl who's not afraid to fly by the seat of her pants.

Blair Townsend didn't know the meaning of chaos until her holy terror of a nephew came to live with her. Jeffrey needed a positive role model - and Blair wasn't above buying one. Sexy-as-sin rancher Scott McKay looked like he'd have no trouble teaching Jeffrey how to be a man. Only Scott seemed far more interested in showing Blair how to be a woman...

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