Joyride by Colleen Collins

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Colleen Collins

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Mistaken / Switched Identity

by Colleen Collins
Silhouette Temptation
ISBN #0-373-25967-0
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

She's Having The Ride Of Her Life. . .

Corinne McCourt is starting over. . . the right way! After discovering her fianc?with another woman, she's determined to be more daring, spontaneous . . . sexy. And what better way to begin than by swiping her fianc?s precious Ferrari and hitting the open road . . .

But Who'd Have Guessed There'd Be So Many Detours?

Corinne's first stop - Las Vegas. There she'll get lessons from the best - her wild child cousin, Sandee. Only, Corinne never dreams she'll end up masquerading as her bombshell cousin - a cousin who is wanted by the law! Still, after checking out seriously sexy Detective Leo Wolfman, Corinne has a feeling that having a cop on her tail - and in her bed - will be the best ride of all . . .

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