Keeper of the Bride

Keeper of the Bride by Tess Gerritsen

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Tess Gerritson

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by Tess Gerritson
Harlequin Intrigue
ISBN #0-373-22359-5
$3.75 U.S. / $4.25 Can.

She was a beautiful Bride

Or she would have been, had the groom bothered to show up. And then, at the exact moment Nina Cormier would have said "I do," the empty church exploded - sending a loud message that someone was after the bride-to-be.

Alone and a target, Nina needed a white knight - but Sam Navarro was just a man. The Portland cop had learned the hard way to harden his heart against beautiful damsels in distress. He'd guard her body, but he wouldn't fantasize about it. Sam couldn't cross that line - it would put them both at risk.

And then he made the mistake of looking into Nina's big brown eyes . . .


I think I'm falling for this guy.

She tried to remind herself that he was just doing his job; she was nothing more than a piece of the puzzle he was trying to solve. But Sam was watching her not as a cop looks at a witness, but the way a man watches a woman he wants.
    "I should leave now," he said quickly. But he didn't move, didn't break eye contact.
    Nina was startled when he captured her hand. Without a word he pressed a kiss, ever so lightly, on her wrist. The lingering of his lips was the sweetest torture. If he could wreak such havoc kissing that one square inch of skin, what could he do with the rest of her?
    She closed her eyes and gave a soft moan. "I don't want you to leave."
    "It's a bad idea for me to stay."
    "Because of this." He kissed her wrist again. "And this." His lips skimmed up her arm. "It's a mistake and you know it."
    "I make mistakes all the time." Her voice was a mere whisper, "But this is one I won't regret."

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