Love Is A Stranger

Love is a Stranger by Amanda Stevens

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Amanda Stevens

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by Amanda Stevens
ISBN #0-373-05647-8
$2.75 U.S.

She didn't remember him...

Jarrod Chandler had searched for his wife, Cassandra, for over a year, only to find that the woman he loved seemed to have vanished into thin air. Then he met Lisa Mathews... she was seductively familiar - and maddeningly distant. His quest might have been over, but his work had just begun.

A near-fatal accident had robbed Lisa of her memory and left her with a new identity. All that remained of her past was a gold wedding band from her husband, a man she couldn't remember... a man she'd been told was dead. Then Jarrod entered her life, telling her that she was his wife and that she was in danger. Lisa wanted to trust him, but how could she?

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