Mail-Order Prince in Her Bed

Mail-Order Prince in Her Bed by Kathryn Jensen

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Kathryn Jensen

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by Kathryn Jensen
Silhouette #1498
March 2003
ISBN #0-373-76498-7
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

Her New Man Is A Real Prince

Maria McPherson's birthday present from her friends at the office is supposed to be a fake. Well, somebody better call the escort agency - because the drop-dead-gorgeous man who just stepped off the elevator is real live royalty!

Prince Antonio Boniface is wealthy, handsome and sophisticated. And he's more than willing to teach an inexperienced young woman everything she doesn't know about life - and love.

The temptation to give in to him, to let him sweep her away into his glamorous world, is just about irresistible. But if she has this man in her bed, even for one night, will she ever be able to let him go . . .?


Antonio tenderly touched her face with a fingertip. "Do you remember what you asked of me before you fell asleep, Maria?"

    She did. Vividly. Show me what I need to know about love.
    And, strangely enough, the only thing that had changed was her confidence that she could handle the lessons she'd requested of him.
    "I remember," she said, watching his expression. "I'd still like you to show me. I'm just not sure how."
    He observed her for a long time before answering. "It's up to the man to know how. It's up to you, the woman, only to say yes or no."
    A rush of heat swept through her body. When she tried to speak, the words dried up before crossing her lips. At last she managed the only ones that seemed important. "Then I say yes . . ."

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