Make-Believe Honeymoon

Make-Believe Honeymoon by Kristine Rolofson

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Kristine Rolofson

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Opposites Attract

by Kristine Rolofson
Harlequin Temptation #560
ISBN #0-373-25660-4
$3.25 US / $3.75 Can.

Jilted and Jobless...

But that was no reason not to still go on her honeymoon, Kate Stewart decided. London, England, was the homeplace of many of her fantasies: dashing lords and flirtatious ladies, rakes and rapscallions. Besides, Kate was beginning to realize she wasn't all that heartbroken. Especially after she met the sexy and brooding William Landry, Duke of Thorncrest.

William was everything she could ever have asked for in a lover-- and so she indulged in some harmless make-believe. After all, this is supposed to be her honeymoon...

Except William had his own reasons for seducing her. And marriage was the last thing on his mind...

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