Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy by Adrianne Lee

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Adrianne Lee

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by Adrianne Lee
Harlequin Intrigue
ISBN #0-373-22354-4
$3.50 U.S. / $3.99 Can.

She was his obsession . . .

For years, Jack Starett had been hunting her down - but all Andrea Hart knew about him was that he was the most powerfully attractive man she'd ever encountered. Just one glance - and she was glad she'd come to Montana.

But something in Jack's melancholy eyes warned of danger, something in his heated kisses almost frightened her. And each night spent near the ranch where she'd been born brought back stronger childhood nightmares - or were they memories?

Andrea needed someone to watch over her, and Jack had set himself up as her protector. But was her midnight cowboy a white knight - or a threat to her safety?


Jack Starett grasped her wrist, fighting to keep his grip gentle . . .

    Somehow he managed to keep the emotion tearing through him out of his voice. The scar on her wrist. . . so help him, it looked like. . . "Looks like something mean took a bite out of you. How'd it happen?"
    "I was young," Andrea said. "I can't - er - don't remember."
    Didn't or couldn't? Jack cautioned himself against the excitement he felt stirring in his hut. Was his obsession with a long-lost little girl working overtime?
    She chuckled nervously, "May I please have my bracelet back?"
    Very casually, Jack said, "Sure." As he returned the jewelry, his gaze landed on her mouth, and the urge to kiss her jarred him. But it was her, all right. The woman he'd been tracking for years. The woman who - as a child - had witnessed a murder.

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