Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law by JoAnn Ross

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Opposites Attract

by JoAnn Ross
Harlequin Temptation
January 1989
ISBN #0-373-25333-8
$2.50 U.S.

He was too good to be true.

Hannah Greene didn't know what had hit her. She'd gone from pampered darling of Connecticut society to manual laborer cum restaurant owner in New Chance, Arizona - overnight. She wasn't sure of anything anymore, except Murphy's Law: "Anything than can go wrong, will go wrong."

But then she met Trace Murphy and had to rethink even that small certainty. In his case, everything had gone gloriously right. And the only law that seemed to apply was "opposites attract." Which was why Hannah couldn't relax and enjoy her good fortune . . . There had to be a catch somewhere . . .


"I'm having a wonderful time,"
    Hannah linked her fingers behind Trace's neck as they swayed to the music. "I'm also flattered to be in the company of Arizona's Lawman of the Year."
    He didn't want to talk about his work. Not when his body was responding to her closeness. "It's no big deal."
    Tilting her head, she looked up at him. "Being a hero's no big deal?" Once again she rested her head against his shoulder, sighing happily as their bodies melded. "Do you have any idea how few women get a date with a full-fledged hero? I feel like Lois Lane."
    "Just don't get your hopes up too high," he warned, pushing aside her hair, allowing his lips access to her neck. "I can't leap tall buildings in a single bound.
    "I certainly wouldn't expect you to."
    "And I'm definitely not faster than a speeding bullet."
    "Believe me, Trace," she murmured seductively, "you've no idea how happy I am to hear you say that."

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