Old Enough To Know Better

Old Enough To Know Better by Vicki Lewis Thompson

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Vicki Lewis Thompson

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Opposites Attract

by Vicki Lewis Thompson
ISBN #0-373-69180-7
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.

New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson proves that things aren't always better with age . . .

When twenty-year-old PR exec Kasey Braddock accepts her co-workers' dare to hit on the gorgeous new landscaper, she's excited. Finally here's her chance to prove to her friends -- and herself -- that she's woman enough to entice a man and leave him drooling. After all, she's old enough to know what she wants -- and she wants Sam Ashton . . .badly.
And Sam is more than willing to be wanted. The chemistry between them is powerful, explosive. Still, there's something vaguely familiar about Kasey, something Sam can't put his finger on -- although he's dying to get his hands all over her . . .But he's not worried. He fully intends to enjoy uncovering all Kasey's secrets, one by one. But will the truth be too hot for him to handle?


"I want more nights like last night," Sam said

    He knew he was probably a sucked for trying to nurture something that had "short-term fling" written all over it, but Kasey had turned him inside out in the space of twenty-four hours.
    Heat flashed in her eyes. "But you're . . . you're a client."
    "I'll stay completely out of your office. You'll take care of the account and no one has to know that we're having mind-blowing sex at the same time. That will be out little secret." he promised.
    Her breathing quickened. "You really won't tell anyone?"
    "No one. We'll just get together to discuss the PR campaign and have great sex, and no one will be the wiser." Although that wasn't the way he would have preferred it, Sam could tell the concept excited her. Now, it only his suggestion was convincing enough to get her back into his bed. "What do you think?"
    "I think you'd better take be back to the office."
    His heart sank. "That's a no?"
    She smiled. "It's a yes. And if you don't take me back to work immediately, I might jump you right here . . ."

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