On His Honor

On His Honor by Lucy Gordon

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Lucy Gordon

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Single Parents

by Lucy Gordon
Silhouette Desire
ISBN #0-373-05669-9
$2.79 U.S.

Mr. Italy

Name: Carlo Valetti
Address: Rome's ancient Apian Way
Occupation: CEO of an internationally renowned race-car manufacturer.
Reason for living: The little daughter who'd warmed his cynical heart.

Along with his father's name and fortune, Carlo Valetti had inherited a far more powerful legacy: the family honor. His fierce sense of duty was all that had bound him to the greedy, frivolous woman he'd married on a youthful impulse.

Now widowed, Carlo cared only about his work and his child. But his custody rights were unexpectedly challenged by his late wife's cousin, Serena Fletcher. His instinct was to trust her, but could he forget the bitter price he'd once paid for listening to his heart?

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