Pleasure to the Max!

Pleasure to the Max! by Cami Dalton

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Cami Dalton

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Intrigue / Mystery / Suspense

by Cami Dalton
Harlequin Blaze!
August 2008
ISBN: 0373794185
$4.99 US / $5.99 Can.

Sex to Go?

Cassie Parker's globe-trotting great-aunt has sent her a Gypsy "lover's box." All she has to do is write down her most erotic fantasy, tuck it inside the box and presto! Her own personal sex genie will appear. Right! So Cassie is totally shocked when a gorgeous stranger does show up. And she's even more shocked by the things she wants to do with him . . .

Treasure hunter Max Stone isn't amused. His latest treasure has been swiped and he's followed it to a dusty little antiquities shop in the States. Surely one woman can't stand in the way of his retrieving the priceless lover's box? Little did he guess that he'd have his hands full (literally!) with sexy Cassie. Or that he'd have to hold off on locating the box until after he located his clothes . . .

The front cover of Pleasure to the Max! says "He was magically delicious!" I have to say that the whole book is like that. From the quirky comments that Cassie says and the things she does to the way Max falls for her. This book is such a cute one, it should not to be missed.


Cassie Parker's most erotic fantasies were about to come true . . .

    According to her aunt, all Cassie had to do was write her sexual fantasies in a diary and lock it inside the lover's box for the Gypsy magic to work it's charm.
    Cassie snatched up the pen and started to write. She wanted a man to crave her as he'd never craved another woman. She wanted him to be so filled with lust that whenever she saw her he went hard. And he definitely had to be well-endowed . . .
    Finishing up her wish list with "A physique similar to a Calvin Klein underwear model's," Cassie tucked her diary into the box with a lascivious smile. There was no way the box would really make her fantasies come to life, she knew, but it beat spending another night feeling sorry for herself.
    Then the unmistakable sound of breaking glass came from the shop below. Cassie groaned and padded downstairs to strangle her aunt's wayward cat. But reaching the bottom step she found a whole different kind of intruder.
    Cassie stared mutely at the very embodiment of her fantasy, wondering if she should scream in terror or knock him out before he could escape.
    Because the lover's box really worked . . .

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