Prognosis: A Baby? Maybe

Prognosis: A Baby? Maybe by Jacqueline Diamond

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Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond
ISBN #0-373-16978-7
$4.75 U.S. / $5.75 Can.
Series - The Babies of Doctor's Circle

One Night Was All It Took. . .

for Dr. Jason Carmichael to believe that Heather Rourke had given birth to his baby. After all, there were rumors that she'd taken off from work for two months for "personal reasons," right around the time she would have gone into labor. And then there was that adorable infant he'd seen when he'd stopped by her apartment - conveniently unannounced. But why would Heather keep him in the dark when all this once die-hard bachelor could think about was baby booties and toothless grins? He had no clear memory of the night of passion they had shared fifteen months earlier . . . Was this child his or was Heather hiding a deeper secret?

Thank you Jacqueline Diamond for autographing and sending We Really Dig Romance Novels this book to review.
In a series of books you sometimes wonder if the next will be as good as the first, We Really Dig would like to tell you that you don't have to wonder with The Babies of Doctor's Circle


They made it to the bedroom at last

    Lying with her head on Jason's chest, Heather listened to the evenness of his breathing and waited for sleep to claim her.
    They'd shared something tonight than ran deeper than a casual encounter. He'd felt it, too, she was certain.
    She tried not to think about what might happen as a result. Perhaps, this time, there wouldn't be any emotional fallout. Surely she hadn't misjudged Jason's capacity for intimacy.
    A momentary uneasiness disturbed her tranquility. They'd forgotten to take precautions. What if something came of it?
    A Longing jolted through her. A baby. To nurture a child through the miraculous stages of growth would be a joy almost as great as finding the love of her life.
    As sleep began to claim her and she snuggled closer to Jason, Heather wondered whether it was possible that she might have both.

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