Randall Riches

Randall Riches by Judy Christenberry

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Judy Christenberry

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by Judy Christenberry
ISBN #0-373-16918-3
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.
Series - Brides for Brothers

The Randall Saga Continues...

Trapped like a hog-tied calf in a greasy spoon, champion bull rider Rich Randall had no choice but to accept the help of pretty diner waitress Samantha Jeffers to get himself, and his broken ankle, out of the one-horse town and home to Wyoming. In exchange, Rich would assist the feisty lady in her escape from the nefarious advances of her burger-slinging boss. But Rich was quick to inform Samantha there'd be no romantic strings attached to their bargain - and she was quick to laugh in his face! Which soon had the playboy wrangler wondering why she was immune to his legendary charm, and eager to change her mind. . . any way he could!

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