Red-Hot Satin

Red-Hot Satin by Carole Buck

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Carole Buck

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Office Romance

by Carole Buck
Silhouette Desire
ISBN #0-373-05677-X
$2.79 U.S.

Mr. Wrong

That was what Hayley Jerome needed - and fast! She'd told her meddling mother that she had a fianc? and now they were all supposed to meet. The hitch was that there was no fianc? until sexy co-worker Nick O'Neill conned his way into playing "Michael Becker" - the worst the male race had to offer. Mom could meet the hideous "Mikey," Hayley would dump the creep, and no one would be wiser.

Trouble was, Hayley was beginning to like Mikey - er, Nick. And when they got involved in a dangerous scam, Nick's protective arms looked oh, so inviting. Hayley's overwed mom had made her wary of love, but Nick was beginning to steal her heart. What was a woman to do?

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