Sheikh Surrender

Sheikh Surrender by Jacqueline Diamond

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Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond
ISBN #0-373-22749-3
$4.75 U.S. / $5.75 Can.

Plain Jane Princess In Peril . . .?

It may have been meant as a joke, but Jenny Sanger wasn't laughing. Who would post her photo on the Internet to lure men to her home claiming she sought a lover? For six weeks she was harassed before things took a deadly turn when one unlucky caller with royal relations was shot on Jenny's doorstep!

Sheikh Zahad of Alqedar arrived in the small California town to claim the body of his brother. Conducting his own investigation into the tragedy, he zeroed in on the prime suspect: Jenny Sanger. But could the bullet have been meant for her instead? Before long, Zahad believed it was, as he found himself inexorably falling under the spell of sweet Jenny. Which would have resulted in a royal wedding decree - except that the killer wasn't finished quite yet.

Thank you Jacqueline Diamond for autographing and sending We Really Dig Romance Novels this book to review.
From good authors to great, Jacqueline Diamond is one you want to keep an eye on, especially if she keeps giving us books like Sheikh Surrender.

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