Slave To Love

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Intrigue / Mystery / Suspense

by Nikita Black
Cajun Hot Press
February 2007
ISBN #0977426939
$16.00 U.S.
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Special Investigations Section Officer Caroline Palmer is not into whips and chains . . .

That is, not until Homicide Detective Michael 'Mick' McGraw - better known as The Iceman - leads her undercover into a secret world she never dreamed existed. He says they are tracking a sexual predator, a sadistic killer who preys on adventurous suburban couples. But Caroline knows Mick is looking for something else.

Something much more dangerous.

The first thing we have to say about this book is: My oh my. I have to agree with what was said on the author's website about this book:

"This steamy erotic novella is not for the reader who likes her romance sweet. It depicts politically incorrect situations and fantasies, designed for the woman who isn't afraid to explore the edgy side of human relationships and sexuality."

The author has brought about the characters learning things that weren't known or just hidden from themselves and other things being sought out. If you take the erotic part out of this romance you have quite a mystery and when you add the book as a whole you get an amazingly earthy hedonistic erotic romance well worth reading.

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