Taming the Outlaw

Taming the Outlaw by Cindy Gerard

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Cindy Gerard

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by Cindy Gerard
ISBN #0-373-76465-0
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.

"I'm ready to reignite an old flame!"
- Cutter Reno, brazenly sexy rodeo champ

When rugged lone wolf Cutter Reno breezed back into Sundown, Montana, his macho male pride demanded he reclaim the one li'l lady who'd ever truly mattered. All it took was one intoxicating encounter with Peg Lathrop to intensify his desire to relive their moon-drenched summer night from six years ago. However, the older and wiser single mom struggled to resist the tantalizingly tender caresses of this footloose cowboy who'd stolen her virginity - and shattered her heart. Would it take a life-altering revelation to finally tame the outlaw and persuade him that happily-ever-after lies home on the range?


He Hadn't Wanted to Hurt Peg.

He's just wanted to kiss her. Just once, for old times' sake. Just once, to see if his memory had been bigger than the reality.
    Now he knew. His memory didn't even begin to compare with the real-life perfection of Peg Lathrop's lips. Or her long, lithe body pressed against his like a firebrand. Or the softness of her breasts warm and heavy in his hands.
    Well, so much for what he'd wanted, he decided. He'd go for a ride with Peg and her little cowgirl - because he'd promised that he would. Then he'd get out of Dodge. Now that he knew he'd hurt Peg six years ago, he didn't want to hurt her again. And if he stuck around much longer, that's just what he'd do. He'd hurt her because now he knew something else. Something that he hadn't known before.
    He wanted more from Peg than a kiss . . .

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