The Ambassador's Vow

The Ambassador's Vow by Barbara Gale

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Barbara Gale

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Opposites Attract

by Barbara Gale
Silhouette Special Edition
ISBN #0-373-24500-9
$4.75 U.S. / $5.75 Can.

Duty . . .

Dynamic lawyer Daniel Boylan was rich, powerful . . . and poised to become the next ambassador to France. His ambitions - and responsibilities - determined that he put others' wishes before his own . . . even love.

Honor . . .

Katherine Harriman was no stranger to poverty and loneliness. And when her controversial romance with Daniel Boylan threatened his career, she opted to face life alone - even with a baby on the way.

And Love!

But ten years after their passionate affair, their child was in danger, and the elegant single mom needed help only the father of her child could provide. With passions rekindled and long-held secrets revealed, would they find the courage to love again?

Even though this book started to drag about 3/4 of the way through it is well worth reading the book.


"I can't, Katherine, I can't. I've made to many promises."

A stolen moment from heaven as they stood in the darkening room, caught between the past and the future. Then gently but firmly, Daniel set her aside.
    He knew he was at a crossroads. Walking out alone, he would be leaving behind the young man who had entered that room an hour before, leaving behind the riotous colors of his youth. And leaving behind, too, nothing as simple as love, no, but something bigger, a part of him that would determine how the rest of his life would be - or not be. Though he would have a good life, he knew - there would always be something missing.
    His grief palpable, Daniel took a deep breath and left the sewing room.
    Katherine was not so complicated.
    Memorize the feel of his kiss she told herself as she lifted her hand to her lips. It had to last a lifetime.

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