The Baby Jackpot

The Baby Jackpot by Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond,
Harlequin American Romance #1443,
March 2013,
ISBN-13 #978-0373754472,
$5.25 U.S.
Series: Safe Harbor Medical

They Know Everything About Babies…

So why is recently single Stacy Layne suddenly on the mommy fast track? As Safe Harbor Medical's first successful egg donor, she should have known better. That goes double (or should she say triple?) for Cole Rattigan, the country's leading fertility surgeon.

Cole prefers the operating room to figuring out what's going on inside a woman's head. But after an unplanned night of passion with his favorite nurse, the man who wrote the book on fertility is about to become a father…three times over!

Stacy not only nixes Cole's marriage proposal - she plans to give up the triplets for adoption. Stacy wants to be swept away. Can a man who's just discovering his paternal side find the words to let the woman he loves know how much he cares?

Cole and Stacy are characters that defy the archetype of today's romances. Cole is not an over the top alfa that we still read a lot of (I love them but do need a break sometimes), his is a more understated shows up when it counts type of hero. Stacy is not a clingy tstl (to stupid to live) type, hers is the kind that always tries to think of others first. They have to work through their own issues before they can make a relationship work and with the background of the Safe Harbor Medical center and babies, they do. The Baby Jackpot is a very pleasant afternoon read.

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