The Boss Man's Fortune

The Boss Man's Fortune by Kathryn Jensen

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Kathryn Jensen

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Mistaken / Switched Identity

by Kathryn Jensen
Silhouette Desire
May 2004
ISBN #0-373-0373-76579-7
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.
Series - Dynasties: The Danforth's

A Fortune In His Bed

Ian Danforth's new assistant was hiding something. Gorgeous Katie O'Brien was too self-assured, too haughty and too dismal a typist to be a temp. In a matter of days, Katie had Ian out of the boardroom and into the bedroom. Yet her heart remained a mystery ? one he was determined to solve.

Katherine Fortune was her real name ? and she'd been under the thumb of powerful, controlling men like Ian her whole life. Although Ian's lovemaking made her shiver with need, what future could they have? Ian was everything Katherine wanted ? but he was also everything she was running from.


Savannah Spectator Blind Item

Q: What does a runaway heiress from the Wild West do while she's hiding from her powerful family?

A: Assume the identity of plain-Jane executive assistant to one of Savannah's richest and sexiest bachelors!

But rumor has it she's doing more than typing memos for the boss, if you get our drift. One look at the much younger woman, and Mr. Boss was planning his Barry White play list and rewriting the company's "no fraternizing" rule book. But if this is love, then what will our heiress do when her family come to "rescue" her from the Big Bad Boss?

The Savannah Spectator says this: two fortunes are better than one, so anticipate a society wedding the size of the entire state of Georgia!

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