The Detective's Accidental Baby

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by Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin American Romance #1392
February 2012
ISBN-13 # 978-0373753963
$5.25 U.S.
Series - Safe Harbor Medical

She may work at a fertility clinic, but the mommy track is definitely not in dedicated nurse Erica Benford's future. So when a one-night stand with hunky private detective Sherlock Vaughn leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Erica plans the only logical next step….

Becoming a father was the furthest thing from Lock's mind. But he'll be darned if he's going to sign away his rights to his own child! Lock knows how it feels to be unwanted, and no way is he giving up his son or daughter for adoption. If Erica isn't ready for parenthood, he'll go it alone.

Except - what does he know about being a dad? Nurse Erica will just have to train the single father-to-be. And hope she doesn't lose her heart to both of them in the process!

We may have been a little late in getting this review on the We Really Dig Romance Novels website but you don't have to be late in getting this book, it's on the store shelves or ready to order online now.

Jacqueline Diamond has done it again. She has taken the baby theme and added her own twist to it. Erica Benford and Lock Vaughn are people that you could see walking down mainstreet U.S.A. They are real people, or could be. People often forget that not all women have maternal instincts and some men actually want to be fathers. Ms. Diamond reminds us of this and still is able to bring these people together in a way that makes a family, and with the addition of charactors from past books, 'The Detective's Accidental Baby' is another Safe Habor Medical book not to be missed.

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