The Doctor's Accidental Family

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by Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin American Romance
September 2015
Paperback ISBN: 9780373755844 $5.50 U.S.
eBook ISBN: 9781460385425 $4.24 U.S.
Series - Safe Harbor Medical

Single Dad Dilemma

After a disastrous relationship, Nurse Zady Moore just wants a family of her own and a guy with no baggage. With a young, vulnerable son, Dr. Nick Davis is exactly the kind of guy she should avoid. But his offer is too good—free rent in exchange for occasional babysitting. And it comes at the right time, just as Zady's young goddaughter comes to stay with her. It's only for six months—surely she can resist Nick's charms.

Nick likes Zady, and he enjoys the camaraderie of chasing after two little kids with her. But she works for his hated cousin, and with a battle brewing between departments at Safe Harbor Medical, can Nick trust that Zady's loyalties lie with him?

Rumors and competition can be quite a hassle between family as is the case between Nick Davis and his cousin. Zady, having been in a basically one sided relationship has grown sour with guys who have "baggage". Together they must learn not to listen to rumors and to take things as they are now, in this moment. Nick and Zady, with the help of the children, learn to take things as they are. 'The Doctor's Accidental Family' is a solid story and a nice addition to the 'Safe Harbor Medical' series, keeping the story line moving at a good pase, and adds even more people that we would like to have their story told.

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