The Family Next Door

The Family Next Door by Jacqueline Diamond

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Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin American Romance #1209
May 2008
ISBN-10 #037375213X / ISBN-13 #978-0373752133
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.
Series - Harmony Circle

He's the last person she ever expected to love

Josh Lorenz is the last man Diane Bittner wants for a neighbor - he's the holdout juror responsible for letting her husband's killer walk.  But she finds herself outvoted when their preteen daughters conspire to bring their divided parents together.

Josh has always followed his conscience and hopes Diane can forgive him for doing what he believed was right. But he realizes he wants a lot more from the attractive single mother. With the help of their kids and their close-knit community, he and Diane have to decide what really matters. Reliving the mistakes of the past? Or planning their future - together?

Harmony Circle - Where There's Love in the Neighborhood.

I know it's just been the books that I've been reading lately but it seems that many of the recent contemporary books have been tired and not keeping my full attention. The Family Next Door has brought the life back and welcomed me home to Harmony Circle. The first in a trilogy this book starts out fresh in idea and the characters feel so alive that you could almost see them next door calling you over. Look for Baby in Waiting in August, 2008 and Million-Dollar Nanny in January, 2009.


As Josh's arms closed around her, Diane had the sense of poising on a threshold.

    Beyond lay the danger of a broken heart and a boatload of regret. But she longed for Josh with a razor-edge of desire and a rush of tenderness. "No promises," she warned.
    "I can handle that," Catching her waist, he ran his thumbs lightly up her rib cage.
    As hunger filled her, she touched his face and then, emboldened, kissed the pulse of his neck. As if he belonged to her. As if she had the right to touch him whenever she pleased.
    And for today, she did.
    "Let's take this indoors," he murmured.
    Once through the door, Josh whirled her across the living room. She lost her slip-slops en route. Barefoot and wild - totally unlike her usual self.
    About to get a lot wilder

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