The Heart Beneath

The Heart Beneath by Lindsay McKenna

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Lindsay McKenna

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by Lindsay McKenna
Silhouette Special Edition
ISBN #0-373-24486-X
$4.75 U.S. / $5.75 CAN.

The "BIG ONE" hits California on New Years Eve...

Hundreds trapped by quake. . . For two marines, lives - and love - are on the line

Raving against time to save victims in a ravages, burning city, golden boy Lieutenant Wes James discovered an angel in disguise: plain-Jane rescue worker Lieutenant Callie Evans, who defied death to dig survivors from the rubble. Amid the hellish wreckage, her blue eyes show with inspiring hope. Her innocence and valor moved the unshakable Marine, and she blossomed into a beauty beneath his protective gaze. Still, past pain kept Wes from surrendering his closely guarded heart. But he ached to make Callie more than his comrade-in-arms. He ached to make her his. . .

I don't follow Morgan's Mercenaries, but this book is worth picking up. If the rest of the books are this good I think I'll be on the look out for more.


    Lieutenant Wes James treated her as if he liked her - a lot.
    That was nonsense, of course, Callie knew. She wasn't pretty in any sense. Just a plain Jane. So why had Wes given her that look?
    Oh, Callie recognized the look. She'd seen men give it to women thousands of times - but never to her.
    Shaking her head, Callie decided her emotions were skewed by the quake and the awful disaster surrounding them. That was it: she was in shock and completely misreading Wes.
    Still, as she disembarked from the Humvee and ran toward the action, her heart thumped hard in her chest. And it wasn't from fear. It was anticipation at working with Lieutenant Wes James.
    Wes liked her.
    And she found that amazing. Impossible. . .

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