The Last Hero

The Last Hero by Alyssa Dean

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Alyssa Dean

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by Alyssa Dean
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN #0-373-25651-5
$3.25 U.S. / $3.75 Can.

Last of the tough guys

Wade Brillings: U.S. Navy. Hero with a capital H. Extremely practical. Wade found women a pleasant, occasional distraction. Until he met ---

Cassandra Lloyd: Beautiful but completely impractical. Why, he was surprised she could find her way out of a parking lot - which is where he first met her and saved her life. The sexy dreamer was all wrong for him.

He also suspected she was part of a smuggling ring. Which meant he had to stick close. Real close. Problem was ... he wanted her. The practical thing to do was to keep his hands off her. But for the first time in his life, Wade was following his feelings...


    "Thank you for saving me - both times. And for bringing me home and turning on the lights," Cass giggled a little nervously. "I'll probably leave them on all night and think I hear burglars."
    "I've got a solution for that." Although the rest of Wade's face showed nothing, his blue eyes were now filled with hot summer fire.
    "What?" Cass murmured.
    "This." He took a step closer and framed her face with his palms. Then he dropped his head and moved his tongue slowly along her bottom lip.
    Cass whimpered and put her hands on his shoulders to hold herself up. He tilted her head back. "Open your mouth, baby. I want a taste of that, too."
    Cass's lips dropped open all by themselves. His tongue probed inside, then came out to her bottom lip again. She stood there, clutching him, her head held back by his hands as he thoroughly and methodically nibbled and licked and tasted every part of her mouth.
    No other part of his body touched her - just his mouth. It wasn't really a kiss, Cass thought hazily. It was more like an exploration, and my, oh, my, it felt delicious.
    Abruptly Wade stepped back to survey her. "That take your mind off burglars?"
    He grinned with smug satisfaction, "Guess it did."

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