The Littlest Witness

The Littlest Witness by Amanda Stevens

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Amanda Stevens

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by Amanda Stevens
ISBN #0-373-22549-0
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.
Series - Gallagher Justice
Cover Model - John DeSalvo

Get ready for a new brand of justice . . . GALLAGHER JUSTICE

Born to a legacy of lawmen, three brothers sworn to serve and protect will safeguard the women they love.

Nothing distracted true blue police detective John Gallagher from his work - certainly not a woman. Until a mysterious death led him to Thea Lockhart's door. One look in Thea's beautiful, haunted eyes and John wanted to run - from visions of love, marriage and forever! But Thea's little girl might be the only witness to murder . . .

Betrayed by the law that should have protected her, Thea had given up her identity to save her daughter. The last person she should trust was a policeman - but something in John's steady gaze made her hope. If she told him the truth about her past, did she dare believe this man could be her future?


"I'm worried about your safety...Thea."

    Her name on his lips sent a thrill of excitement rolling through Thea. A shiver of something she didn't want to name eased up her backbone and made her stomach flutter in awareness. She hadn't been attracted to a man in years. And now, at the worst possible time, with the worst possible man, Thea was feeling things she had no business feeling.
    "Why can't you just go away and leave us alone?" she whispered.
    His gaze softened, touched her lips, and Thea trembled, clutching her daughter's hand as if Nikki were her lifeline.
    "There're some things about this case you may not be aware of. Have dinner with me and we'll talk about them."
    Thea's heart started to pound. That she was even momentarily tempted by his invitation proved how dangerous he was to her.
    She glanced down at Nikki. Nikki looked back up at her, her expression hopeful. The fact that Nikki showed a reaction at all was a positive sign. A small miracle.
    With Nikki on his side, how on earth could Thea continue to do what she knew she must - resist John Gallagher?

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