The Secret Prince

The Secret Prince by Kathryn Jensen

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Kathryn Jensen

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by Kathryn Jensen
Silhouette Desire #1428
March 2002
ISBN #0-373-76428-6
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

Wanted: Missing Prince

Elizabeth "Elly" Anderson didn't expect to find the missing heir to the Elbian throne swimming in the ocean off the coast of Maryland. But when handsome Daniel Eastwood emerged from the waves, Elly knew in her heart that she had found her prince.

Found: Royal Passion

Distracted by Elly's breathtaking beauty, Dan found it hard to believe that he was the son of the late king of Elbia. And though the crown was rightfully his, Dan was more interested in pursuing the hazel-eyed siren - if only he could convince her that, despite her fears, the happiness they both sought was right in front of them . . .

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