The Sheriff's 6-Year-Old Secret

The Sheriff's 6-Year-Old Secret by Donna Clayton

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Donna Clayton

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Single Parents

by Donna Clayton
Silhouette Romance
ISBN #0-373-19623-7
$$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.
Cover Model - John DeSalvo

Bachelor Daddy

Nothing could make Native American Nathan Thunder give up being a New York City police officer . . . except a little girl - all alone in the world - who needed a father. Returning to his Kolheek reservation to take on the safer job of sheriff, he didn't expect his heart would be in danger . . . to teacher Gwen Fleming!

Nathan's six-year-old daughter, Charity, was a handful. Gwen found herself getting to know Nathan quite well during some pretty intense parent-teacher conferences, which soon started occurring after hours. Despite being wary of relationships, Gwen couldn't deny how her soul soared when Nathan was near. Was the attraction between the flame-haired beauty and the lawman destined to turn into love?


"I feel like a teenager who's about to be caught necking," Nathan whispered, chuckling softly as he helped Gwen straighten her blouse.
    Gwen just smiled. He actually looked discomfited, and she thought that was too alluring for words.
    At the moment she felt something happen inside her. A funny, heated hitch in her heart. Gwen had never been in love before. She'd never experienced the feeling of falling for a man. Of feeling as is she wouldn't mind spending the rest of the night with him . . . or maybe even the rest of her life with him. But if she had to hazard a guess . . . she'd have to say that the emotion humming through her was just that.

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