The Strong, Silent Type

The Strong, Silent Type by Jule McBride

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Jule McBride

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by Jule McBride
ISBN #0-373-22519-9
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

The Eyes Don't Lie . . .

Alice Eastman didn't recognize the sinewy body or raven looks of the unidentified man hit by a car on her Wyoming ranch. But his eyes were unmistakably Dylan Nolan, her childhood sweetheart, her only lover, her husband, who'd disappeared without a trace the day of their wedding - accused of murder . . .

But like the strong, silent type, Dylan neither confirmed nor denied his identity or his innocence. Only his body spoke to hers in the dead of night, professing love, promising protection. For one thing was certain: Someone was out there, stalking Dylan and his bride. And Alice didn't know if she was in more danger from the man who hunted the icy mountains for his prey . . . or the sinfully sexy husband who ignited her passion.


I'd know those eyes anywhere

She couldn't wait for an ambulance.
    Gently, Alice turned over the body of the man struck by a car. Even as she probed the gash on his head, she couldn't help but notice the silken texture of his raven hair, or that his face was devastatingly handsome. He suddenly groaned, his lush lips parting, his thick jet eyelashes fluttering. And then he opened his eyes.
    For a second time that day, everything in Alice stilled.
    She'd never seen this man. But she knew the eyes. They belonged to a man accused of murder. A man she loved. A man who's voice she'd only thought she'd heard tonight. It was this man whose disappearance had filled her heart with so much terror - and whose reappearance now filled her eyes with tears.
    "Dylan," she gasped. "My God, it's Dylan."

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