The Surgeon's Surprise Twins

The Surgeon's Surprise Twins by Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond,
Harlequin American Romance #1375,
October 2011,
ISBN-13 #9780373753796,
$5.25 U.S.
Series Safe Harbor Medical

The father of her children?

Even though she's always wanted her own family, Bailey Wayne is happy to be a surrogate mom. She knows one day she'll find her perfect man—and until then, what greater gift could she give to her sister? Make that gifts…Bailey's just found out she's having twins.

Dr. Owen Tartikoff, the new head of the Safe Harbor fertility program, is cool and professional with his colleagues. But he has a soft spot for a certain pregnant nurse, and the miracles growing inside her. What she doesn't know yet is Owen is the actual sperm donor—and those are his children.

Owen has a reputation to protect. He also knows Bailey deserves to know the truth. And with Bailey's sister and brother-in-law in serious trouble with the law,Owen and Bailey have to decide what's right in this decidedly complicated situation!

If the book you are already reading isn't catching your attention, go ahead and put it down to read 'The Surgeons Surprise Twins', you won't regret it. This book actually got my attention before I laid hands on it because I knew Bailey from other Safe Harbor Medical books. Even if you haven't read any of the other Safe Harbor books this one starts out great guns and keeps your attention through-out the book. Owen makes a credible doctor with believable emotions of feeling betrayed by his brother. With Bailey's feisty attitude and Owen's resolute approach to things, these two were made for each other and the twins Baliey is carrying seem to agree.

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