The Surprise Holiday Dad

The Surprise Holiday Dad by Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond,
Harlequin American Romance,
January 2014,
ISBN 037375504X (ISBN13: 9780373755042),
paperback (print) $5.50 U.S.
Series Safe Harbor Medical

Father meet son

Safe Harbor obstetrician Adrienne Cavill couldn't love her nephew more if he were her own child. And no deadbeat dad is going to claim the little boy she practically raised.

Detective - turned - P. I. Wade Hunter has missed five years of his son's life and nothing's chasing him away this time. That includes the pretty doctor who's giving his child everything — except the father he needs.

Now that she knows the reasons why he left, how can Adrienne keep Wade from his son, who's over the moon about having his dad in his life? The rugged ex-cop's having a similar effect on her. Will Christmas bring Adrienne the family she never thought she could have?

From broken not-so-perfect families to old wounds Wade and Adrienne both have. This story, which has characters from previous books, shows how talented this author still is to the 12th book in the Safe Harbor Medical series. Set during the Holiday season 'The Surprise Holiday Dad' can and should be read at any time of the year.

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