The Vow

The Vow by Dallas Schulze

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Dallas Schulze

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by Dallas Schulze
Silhouette Intimate Moments #318
January 1990
ISBN #0-373-07318-6
$2.95 U.S.

A Dream To Share

Brittany was alone. Desperately alone, frightened . . . and pregnant. Dan's death had shattered her dream; her parents offered no support. There was only Michael Sinclair. Dan's best friend, so kind, so strong, who wanted to take care of her and her baby. How could she not accept his offer of marriage. . . a temporary haven until the child was born?

Michael told himself he was doing it for Dan, yet taking Brittany is his arms, wanting her and the baby, seemed right. If she told him their love wasn't meant to be, he would take it like a man. But how long could he be strong and silent when this woman made him feel so vulnerable?

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