Top-Secret Bride

Top-Secret Bride by Nina Bruhns

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Nina Bruhns

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Intrigue / Mystery / Suspense

by Nina Bruhns
Silhouette Romantic Suspense #148
September 2007
ISBN-10: 0373275501 ISBN-13: 978-0373275502
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.
Series - Mission: Impassioned

Her name is Bond...
Marina Bond
Of course she's a spy.
But is he the enemy . . . or her future?

Marina Bond is a British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS - also known as MI6) agent, currently on an undercover operation targeting a cartel which traffics African conflict diamonds for illegal arms. Marina has no time for love, and even if she did, she has no desire to repeat the heartbreak of her divorced parents. She is practical enough, however, to know a girl occasionally needs a good man. And she certainly knows a good man when she sees one.

Dewitt von Kreus is an ex-patriot South African who left his homeland after helping Nelson Mandela?s rebels bring down Apartheid rule. He currently works for the enigmatic LAZLO GROUP as their Information Retrieval Specialist (read: interrogator). Because of his iffy occupation and his turbulent past, Witt has too many emotional scars to let himself fall in love. But when a sexy SIS agent invokes the outdated but highly provocative "Denmark Protocol" at a top-secret meet, he likes what he sees, and can?t resist taking it - her - for himself.

You know that if you have a book that starts out as spicy as this one does that you are in for a ride. Top-Secret Bride catches you right from the start and doesn't let go. We suggest you hang on because this one, with it's headstrong, passionate and believable characters and plot, is heading straight for the must read area. Don't let this one pass by. Thank you Ms. Bruhns for sending We Really Dig Romance Novels a copy to review.


"Agent Bond, I presume?" he asked, to his credit without a hint of amusement.

     She nodded, keeping her own amusement to herself. Could she help it if Dad had gifted her with such a wildly inappropriate?or maybe wildly appropriate?last name? It had always been an open invitation for her colleagues to come up with all sorts of droll monikers and comical comments. Yeah, well, she'd never really minded. She could hold her own with ol' James.
     The Lazlo agent grunted. "I'm ---"
     She cut him off before he could say his name. "Doesn't matter who you are."
     "I'm von Kreus. DeWitt von Kreus," he completed firmly, tossing the leather jacket slung over one shoulder onto the bed. "Company policy to identify oneself."
     His pronunciation was telling. Definitely South African. With a hint of Afrikaans. Her current undercover op was to infiltrate an African conflict diamond cartel. Coincidence? Her pulse jacked up again and she made a quick decision.
     "Whatever. Take off your clothes," she ordered briskly.
     His brows shot up. "Excuse me?"
     "I'm invoking Denmark protocol," she said. "You've got a problem with that?"

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