Wanted: One Father

Wanted: One Father by Penny Richards

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Penny Richards

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Single Parents

by Penny Richards
Silhoette Special Edition
November 2004
ISBN #0-373-24649-8
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

The Family Plan?

Ex-cop-turned-writer Max Murdoch was at his wit's end. Taking care of his baby daughter while trying to meet the deadline for his latest novel had left him exhausted and overworked. What he needed more than anything was some peace and quiet . . . and a good baby-sitter.

An ad in the paper answered Max'e prayers, in the form of a willowy widow named Zoe Barlow. Now, Max found himself in a country cabin, where he could finally settle down and get some work done. But Zoe's house was so inviting and her three impish boys were working their magic on him. And then there were the irresistible charms of Zoe herself . . .


"Sometimes things happen and we're forced into doing things we might not do otherwise."

   Zoe's son thought about that for a moment. "Like you had to start baby-sitting and rent the cabin because you need more money to help pay the bills since Dad isn't here."
   "Right," said Zoe around the lump in her throat, Chris was too young to have to worry about their finances.
   "Don't cry, Mom."
   "What makes you think I'm going to cry?"
   "Your voice is all funny and your eyes are all shiny."
   Zoe's heart gave a painful lurch. Was renting the cabin to a single man the right thing to do? Was she setting them up for a fall?
   Still . . . she'd never known just how starved they were for a man in their lives until now.
   She'd had no idea how starved she was for a man's attention.

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