When Night Draws Near

When Night Draws Near by Lisa Bingham

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Lisa Bingham

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Intrigue / Mystery / Suspense

by Lisa Bingham
Harlequin Intrigue
ISBN #0-373-22540-7
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.


A handful of survivors, a killer among them - and two former lovers caught in the cross fire . . .

Elizabeth Boothe was grateful to be alive after the wreckage of her ill-fated flight. But even as she and pilot Seth Brody waited for a rescue plane, neither could deny what was happening between them. Their past differences melted away as easily as the snow beneath their heated bodies. Yet their rediscovered passion could not protect them from danger. There was a killer on the loose, and no way off the mountain. But Seth had found Elizabeth again - and no one, not even a murderer, was going to take her away from him . . .


    The moment their lips met, a rush of sensation shuddered through Elizabeth's veins. She eased closer to him, her hands sliding down the smooth leather of his jacket, then struggling to reach the bare flesh beneath.
    She'd never experienced a touch like Seth's. He had only to look at her to awaken her passion. She'd missed him. Dear heaven, how she'd missed him.
    Her hands hesitantly slipped beneath the edge of his jacket. But as her cold fingertips clutched the fabric of his shirt, he drew back.
    "We've got to stop. We can't do this," he whispered. "Not here. Not like this."
    Then when? Seth's rejection hurt more than she ever would have thought possible.
    "Don't read my words the wrong way, Lizzie," he whispered. "I want you. I want you more than life itself at this moment." He shook his head as if to clear it of the lingering wisps of abandonment. "But I won't make love to you when a killer might be waiting and watching."
    The reminder hit her like a cool douse of water.
    They were still in danger.
    Incredible danger . . .

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