When the Lights Go Out...

When The Lights Go Out... by Barbara Daly

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Barbara Daly

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Mistaken / Switched Identity

by Barbara Daly
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN 0373691742
$4.25 U. S. / $4.99 Can.
Series - The Wrong Bed

When the lights go out . . .

Blythe Padgett isn't thrilled her roommate's arranged a blind date for her. It also doesn't help that she forgets to tell Blythe his name. So when she runs into a sexy stranger in their building during a blackout, Blythe assumes it's him. Luckily he's hot - so hot, she sheds both her inhibitions and her clothes! But when the lights come back on, she finds out he wasn't her date after all . . .!

The heat turns on!

Getting stuck in an elevator isn't how reporter Max Laughton expected to meet his date. He's especially surprised when the cute little redhead propositions him that same evening! Fortunately, Max has always had trouble saying no! Then, when he finds out he slept with the wrong woman, Max doesn't think there's a problem. Now he just has to convince Blythe how right things can be between them!


Max saw Blythe waiting at the elevator

    He slowed, giving himself the pleasure of simply looking at her in the little black dress. No more than a slip, really, and it hugged every curve.
    If he closed his eyes, he could remember exactly how the curves had felt in his hands.
    He quickened his step, moving silently, and sneaked up behind her. "you're not escaping from me," he whispered into her ear.
    Blythe jumped and shivered in his arms. "Go back to the party," she said, sounding panicked. "What is my roommate catches you?"
    Max started to tell her exactly how little he cared if Candy caught them, but realized he had a much better use for their few stolen minutes. Gently he turned her toward him and bent his head way, way down to kiss her. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.
    The elevator came and he backed her into it. His fingertips were at the hem of her skirt before the doors closed . . .

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