A Pirate of Her Own

A Pirate of Her Own by Kinley MacGregor

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Kinley MacGregor

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The High Seas (H)

by Kinley MacGregor
ISBN 0-06-108711-4
$6.50 US / $8.99 Can

Love on the High Seas

He is the Sea Wolf, a dreaded pirate who stops English navy ships and frees impressed American sailors. Few know Morgan Drake's name, and none guesses at his past. Except, that is, a nosy Savannah reporter named Serenity James. Determined to protect his secrets at any cost, Morgan sets said for Savannah . . . and Serenity.

All her life, Serenity has longed for adventure. As a woman, though, she's lucky even to be tolerated in her father's newspaper office. Then she's kidnapped by the bold, sexy pirate whose story fired her imagination, and in his embrace Serenity finds adventure beyond her wildest dreams.


"Serenity!" he bellowed, knocking against the door with his clenched fist. "Open this door!"
    "Go to the devil, Captain Drake."
    Incensed beyond reason, he snarled, "That's not very lady-like!"
    The door opened and she came at him, her nostrils flared, her eyes smoldering. "Then try this one. Go to hell, and...and rot!"
    And before he could move, he once again confronted a shut door. "Serenity!"
    "Oh, forgive me, Captain," she drawled in the slowest, most helpless voice he'd ever heard. "But I can't open that huge old door by myself. Why I might actually break a nail. If only there was some strong, able-bodied man who could save me from my plight...."
    Even through the door her heard her sad, melodramatic sigh.
    He decided then that it was a good thing she didn't open the door. Because right then, standing in the hallway with his coat dripping on his dry clothes, his plate in his hand, and his male-ego greatly offended, he would have probably strangled her.
    But sooner or later, she would have to leave and when she did....

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