A Stolen Time

A Stolen Time by Shari Boullion

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Shari Boullion

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American West

by Shari Boullion
ISBN #0-8439-5229-6
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can. / $14.99 Aus.

A Wanted Woman

Dang it all! Janet cursed her luck. If she hadn't been late, the robbery would've been fine. Her pa wouldn't have died, she wouldn't have promised to go legit, and she wouldn't have found herself in the dusty little town pretending to be an oh-so-proper schoolmarm. Ha! She could definitely teach these kids a thing or two. Fooling the school board wouldn't be a problem . . . as long as she could remember not to cuss. It was the marshal she really worried about. He looked rather suspicious when her heard she'd knocked out a bully and shot a rattler to bits. His keen silver eyes seemed to drink her in and strip bare her soul. But in his strong arms, she could forget she'd ever been a member of the notorious Garret gang he so longed to capture. She could forget she'd crippled his brother. But would she ever be able to convince him her love wasn't just another con job?

Shari Boullion is a New Historical Voice Contest Winner sponsored by Romance Times BOOKClub and Dorchester Publishing and I just want to say that she started out with a bang up good job on this book!


An Old Acquaintance

Janet smothered a smile. With thick black hair hanging down to his shoulders, the man who'd just been fighting looked hike a shaggy dog. Now the complexion, a strong nose and jaw, eyes the color of . . . a . . . she felt the blood drain from her face and a roaring in her eats. He was . . . oh, damnation!
    This was the vile lawman who'd shot her. Her hand grabbed her throat; God, she couldn't breathe! She took a step back. Her horse was at the livery, she could -
    "Miss, are you all right?"
    She stopped, halted in place by the concern in his eyes. Her heart hammered so loudly he'd surely heat it. But he couldn't. Her brain started to work - he'd said Miss. He didn't know her.
    And if she didn't make a fool of herself, he'd never guess.

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