A Taste of Fire

A Taste of Fire by Hannah Howell

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Hannah Howell

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American West

by Hannah Howell
ISBN #0-8217-7133-7
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

Antonie Ramirez could ride and shoot as well as any man - and better than most. Now, the headstrong beauty had come to Texas to honor her father's last words: find the cattle rancher named Royal Bancroft and repay him for saving their lives long ago.

Royal Bancroft didn't know who was behind the outlaws trying to drive him off his land, but he would fight to the death rather than lose it. Yet with his sister and brother kidnapped, he felt defeat run through him like a chill wind . . . until a girl with cornsilk hair and a steady gunhand rode into his life.

Antonie was wild, hard, and hurting inside, and Royal knew from the moment he saw her that, if he tried to tame her, he'd break her spirit. Instead, he would let her ride with him as an equal partner, fight beside him for a future, and come to him as a woman on fire for blazing love . . .



"Come here, Antonie," Royal commanded quietly, tired of the waiting gam they had played. "I want to hold you."
    "You might find me a very large armful," she answered, her pulse jumping erratically at his words.
    "I'm willing to risk that. I want you, I crave your touch. It's nearly an obsession with me. Come here to me, Antonie."
    She moved closer to him, shivering beneath the warmth of his gaze. "It's a very big step, Royal."
    He reached out and pulled her into his arms. "And I'll help you make it."
    She slid her arms around his neck as he took her mouth in a deep kiss that revealed his hunger for her. As his kisses grew more demanding, a soft moan escaped her. It felt so good to hold him, her body pressed against his, his hands stroking her, stirring her to the point of mindless need. His caresses swept her away, and she knew there was no use in fighting such fire. That this was her destiny to love this man, and destiny could not be denied . . .

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