Bride by Stella Cameron

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Stella Cameron

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Scotland (H)

by Stella Cameron
ISBN 0-446-60175-6
$5.99 US / $6.99 Can.

She was innocence...

Lady Justine Girvin, the Duke of Franchot's elegant spinster sister, decided to grab one last chance for happiness - by doing something incredibly scandalous. Defying convention, she had traveled alone to a Scottish castle to find the mysterious Straun, her brother's friend, and to ask him to teach her all about love. . .

He was desire

Straun Rossmara, Viscount Hunsingore, was sequestered with his two young charges in the Highlands, trying to escape a sinister past that, through a blackmailer's scheme, was finally catching up with him. His dark secrets always kept him at a distance - Justine's friend, never her lover. Now the suppressed fire within him leaped into flame at her guileless request, daring him to give her a lesson in a kind of passion she never knew existed and set loose a hunger that could damn - or save - them both.

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