Hidden Fires

Hidden Fires by Laura Jordan

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Laura Jordan

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American West

by Laura Jordan
ISBN #0-671-45147-2
$2.95 U.S.

As the twentieth century turned, Texas flamed with railroads, ranchers - and a daring new love!

When innocent, raven-haired Lauren Holbrook left her home for a promising life in Texas, she found heartbreak, not happiness, forced into a loveless marriage of convenience to playboy-rancher, Jared Lockett.

Now a victim of Jared's scheming mother, whose hunger for power and wealth defied the boundaries of human greed, Lauren was unjustly accused of betrayal . . . threatened by an ambitious investor's savage lust . . . and rejected in love by her rebellious husband.

But nevertheless Lauren's love for Jared grew. She bravely challenged the hate that surrounded Jared's heart, and offered instead a rapturous passion - a shimmering new dream they could share - if only they could conquer the treachery that ruled their lives.

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