Highland Destiny

Highland Destiny by Kathryn Hockett

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Kathryn Hockett

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Scotland (H)

by Kathryn Hockett
ISBN #0-8217-5423-8
$4.99 U.S. / $6.50 Can.

She gave him her heart . . . And he betrayed her.

Sensual and arousing, Niall MacDonald filled Caitlin MacLeod with intense longing. And this independent daughter of a powerful Scottish chieftain - a woman who'd vowed never to belong to any man - willingly surrendered her love. She never imagined he was her sworn enemy, a man who had seduced her solely for gain. He wedded and bedded her, then fled with her clan's most priceless treasure. Driven by rage and heartbreak, Caitlin vowed to reclaim what was rightfully hers . . .

Could he ever win back her trust?

Caught in a trap of his own making, Niall cursed the fates for placing a tempting woman like Caitlin between his clan and his honor. He'd made his choice, and paid the price with his heart and soul. Now, suddenly, he has been given another chance. Once again, he will have to choose. And once again he must risk everything before he can claim his happiness - and win back the woman he treasures above all others . . .


    "My name is Niall." That much he would reveal.
    "Niall." She liked the name. Somehow it seemed to suit him.
    "Don't shut yer heart to me, lass." The way she kept looking away was annoying. Gently grasping her by the shoulders, he turned her around. For one timeless moment they stared at each other, both wondering how just a look could be so exciting.
    Without a word, Niall caught a fistful of her long fiery hair and wrapped it around his hand, drawing her closer. With the tips of his fingers he traced the line of her cheekbones, the shape of her mouth, the line of her brows.
    "Give it a chance, Caitlin . . ." His face hovered only inches from her own. "Give me a chance." His appraising gaze seemed to cherish her, his words mesmerized her, and though Caitlin knew all the reasons she should pull away, she somehow did not. Then all at once it was too late.
    At first he simply held her, his hands exerting a gentle pressure to draw her into the warmth of his embrace. Then before Caitlin could make a sound, his mouth claimed hers in a gentle kiss, one completely devastating to her senses. She was engulfed in a whirlpool of sensations. Breathless, her head whirling, she allowed herself to be drawn up into the mists of the spell. New sensations clamored within her. All she could think about was that her fantasies were right. A kiss could be most enjoyable.

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