Highland Lover

Highland Lover by Hannah Howell

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Scotland (H)

by Hannah Howell
June 2006
ISBN #0821777599
$4.50 U.S. / $5.50 Can.

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell continues the spellbinding saga of the powerful Murray clan in this sensual tale of lovers both tempted and tormented by their own passion... A reckless need to break free of his family led Gregor MacFingal Cameron on a quest for a rich bride, only to fall prey to kidnappers and be tossed into a cold cell. He is soon joined by a frightened young woman who makes him regret his mercenary search for a wife. After a daring escape, he gladly joins Alana Murray's quest to rescue her sister, and soon temptation leads to seduction, with unspoken promises easily made, but harder to keep.

Alana knows the bond forged by danger and desperation has earned her an ally willing to fight for her sister's cause. But Gregor's tantalizing seduction leaves her breathless, and she seizes her one chance to experience true passion before an arranged marriage seals her fate--never anticipating the inescapable intensity of a man and a love that will change everything . . .


    Highland Lover

    Gregor watched the tip of Alana’s tongue move over her full lips and felt his insides clench with desire. He suspected she was too innocent to realize the invitation she had just offered him, but he intended to accept it. There was little chance he would gain all he hungered for, but need and curiosity made him eager to take whatever he could right now and hope there were no heavy consequences for doing so.
    Gregor brushed his lips over Alana’s again and felt her shiver faintly. Slipping his fingers into her thick, soft hair, he began to kiss her. Very quickly he needed more than the sweet, restrained closed-mouth kiss he was giving her, and he lightly nipped at her bottom lip. Alana gasped softly and he took quick advantage of her slightly parted lips.
    Alana nearly shoved Gregor away, but the urge proved a very fleeting one. The way he stroked the inside of her mouth soon had her clinging to him, silently demanding more of the same. Desire swept through her body. She was not so innocent that she did not know where such intoxicating kisses could lead her . . .

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